Guam PDN

The Guam PDN, also known as the Guam Pacific Daily News is the island’s premier newspaper.  In business for over 40 years, they deliver cutting-edge news stories without any of the bias that you usually see in the TV news stations.

GuamPDN, Guam PDN is owned and operated by Lee Webber, and is a member of the Gannet Corporation, a worldwide news conglomerate.

It is located in Hagatna Guam, also known as Agana Guam, and it is on the third floor of a 9 story building.  Their printing press is located within this building as well. 

If you are interested in buying or selling a car, or other classified interests then this about the only place where you can do business for cheap.  Guam PDN is the most busy advertising medium for the island.

Guam Nightlife. You can get a subscription to the newspaper if you would like.

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