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There are many different Guam news sources, to include radio, TV, websites, and even a Guam newspaper (PDN).

Some of the issues that locals care about are:

* Guam local news
* Navy news Guam (Air Force coverage is also available)
* Guam Business News (covered by various sources)


Guam KUAM News is the island’s #1 Television source, and it can be found on channel 8. KUAM is a free news service that broadcasts throughout the island. There is also a competing Cable Channel which covers Guam daily news, which is available by signing up for cable service from Marianas Cable Vision (MCV). Sidenote: KUAM is a station owned by the powerful, rich Calvo family, and – in some cases – it has been known to employ self-serving bias. But more often-than-not, it does manage to keep things fair and unbiased.


The Pacific Daily News in Guam is a newspaper circulated daily (as its name implies), and can be purchased at numerous locations, or delivered directly to your home via a subscription from your neighborhood delivery boy. They also have a sister-website: (keyword: guam pacific daily news fatima). The PDN offers the most complete coverage of island issues. Some daily local categories include:

* Government of Guam
* Education
* Sports
* Teen
* Business
* Obituaries
* Police Blotter
* Political Columns
* Classifieds
* Typhoon Watch
* Local Cartoon (Juan Malamanga) *note that as of the date of this article, this cartoon was currently not running.

There is also another newspaper called the Marianas Variety, but it is not as in-depth on Guam issues as the PDN is, and it’s area of coverage expands across the entire Marianas island chain, to include Saipan, Tinian, and Rota.


My preferred medium is via the web ( as reports occur as they happen. There are hourly updates, and forums where locals can voice their opinions about current issues. Its also the easiest to access, and it costs nothing.

Guam news sources are not hard to find on-island, and you have your choice of mediums, be it via radio, broadcast TV, cable TV, newspaper, or website.

After living on island awhile you may start to notice that the coverage begins to get monotonous. Here are some of the more commonly-reported themes:

* GovGuam short of cash
* problems at different Public schools
* drivers crashing into phone poles
* Hit & Run accidents
* Rival political party members (Democrat & Republican) acting like children. They are constantly at each others’ throats
* Rumors of corruption in GovGuam
* Chuukese-nationals (non-native) involved in public disturbances, and getting hit while walking (drunk) on highways.

However, you do need to stay current, and every once in awhile fairly newsworthy stories pop up. Furthermore, with the best sources being free there’s no reason why you shouldn’t stay up to date on the latest Guam news.

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