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Thanks for helping Project HotGuam Project HotGuam is an open-source community effort to create the best CityGuide / IslandGuide in the world! By open-source, we mean that the entire island of Guam (and even Guam expats) have their hand in creating The core operations are facilitated by 3 part-time volunteers. Meet The Team / Join Us!

Quick Facts about Project

1. It is designed to be completely unbiased.
2. Photo/Video submission, Reviews, and business Ranking are performed by HotGuam's members. (You)
3. Its main goal is to increase Guam tourism. (our economic future depends on us – not government)
4. Its secondary goal is to make 'Guam business' more organized, efficient & productive. (and fun too!)
5. It is a not-for-profit community project funded completely by donations. To maintain an unbiased posture, Project HotGuam is not currently accepting donations, but here's how you can be a part of Team HotGuam:


5 Simple Ways You Can Get Involved (with the coolest Guam project ever)

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Instructions: 1. Click on code, it will be automatically highlighted 2. Right-click (with your mouse) and select "Copy" 3. Go to (click to go!), and once you login click on "Edit Profile" 4. In the "About Me" box, right-click (your mouse) and select "Paste" 5. Click "Save Changes" button. Note: you can also do the same process for Facebook, Friendster, or any other blog or website.

This is what it will look like: (want a smaller one? Contact us & will make a custom-sized one just for you.)

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