Guam is a beautiful island in the pacific, approximately 36 miles long by 8 miles at the widest point.  The area code for GUam is 671.  There are many zip codes for the Guam area including 91931.

Guam has a population of about 250,000, and most of the population consists of the indigenous people the Chamorro.  About 40% of the population of Guam are Chamorro, 20% are Filipino, 15% are Chuukese , and the rest are of other races.

Guam noteably, has had a problem with the influx of Chuukese into the island.  Chuukese come from a very rural set of islands and they are allowed to move freely amongst the United States and its territories due to the Compact Impact agreement the USA has with its Pacific territories.  This has created issues as Chuukese are normally not ready for the modern society that is Guam.

Guam’s main economic endeavor is Tourism.  Guam Services Billions in military and federal US dollars also pour in yearly.  Other economic areas include agricultural export, and local products that are sold to US statesiders, and Japanese, Korean, and other tourists.

Guam is a beautiful island, and it is about the size of Chicago. One of the many challenges for Guam will be to adjust to the modern influx of technologies and cultures that threaten to tear the island’s cultural heritage to shreds.

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