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The University of Guam is a great place for you to learn. With the many programs and extra curricular activities, students are eager to learn here. The University is located on the beautiful side of Mangilao. It’s tucked away in the corner of the island. But is very easy to find with the directions they give. Still need the University of Guam address? The friendly and knowledgeable staff at the university will be able to help you. Just give them a call in route to school and they will guide you through it.


Being a part of the pacific gives the University of Guam marine lab lots of things to keep busy. You will find so many of Guam’s sea animals and habitats studied here. The students in this field are able to captivate what many people on the island are not able to see. They provide students with the right tools, the knowledge, and the location to study this subject in depth.


As a student the University of Guam library gives you learning resources specifically for your needs. The information is updated at least yearly. Special collections within the library include Federal Depository of the United States Government Documents and even an East Asian Collection. It’s got just any collection you’re looking for.The building itself has enough space for 400 students to study. Internet, word processing computers, six seminar rooms, and a 24-hour study area. I can’t stress enough how much this library can help a student in need for resources. Along with all the education needs this library has to offer, they also offer student information like student classifieds.


A school would not be complete with it’s school logo, and the University of Guam logo explains just how our neighboring or even foreign countries view us. A latte stone is placed underneath a book then has a picture of the Guam outline hovering above the book. It’s to be known that we as Guam islanders excel in our potential and serve our island well.

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