Guam Divorce

For people considering a divorce in Guam, be aware that Guam is known as a community property state. Therefore, all marital property, or community property, must be divided equally. There are many other laws that justify reasons for divorce. You may request either a no-fault or fault divorce.

Getting a Guam divorce can be easy if you provide a statement of irreconcilable differences. Only one person needs to be a resident of Guam and must provide a letter of proof. This makes military or foreigners an easy stop to have their divorce done. There are many websites on the internet trying to sale a fast divorce, but I recommend looking up the Guam telephone directory and calling around yourself. Either way, you don’t need to be present on Guam. If you’re off island, Guam is the best place to get your divorce taken care of.

Many applications on Guam require important documents such as birth certificate, social security cards, and of you were married a Guam divorce decree. It’s always important to have this with you if you had a divorce in Guam. All copies can be obtained at the court of Guam.

Guam divorce laws are different from stateside laws. But choosing to divorce on Guam can save you a lot of time. It may be a little more expensive but you will receive faster service. The lawyers on Guam are really good and you can trust that they will work hard to get your divorce in order for you. If you ever need to look up a Guam divorce law, the internet is the first place to start. Just search Guam divorce laws and it should bring you to at least 10 different websites with information on this.

If ever you need to look for Guam divorce records, you can start with your lawyer or obtain these records through the court of Guam. The friendly staff at the court will be happy to assist you with your needs. Also, there are never any long lines or waits. Be sure to have all your identification with you and the proper documents on hand.

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