Guam Seal

Many tourists that arrived on the island are looking for Guam seal jewelry.  These usually come in the shape of a Guam seal necklace, or perhaps even the Guam seal pendant.

if you’re going to be visiting a tattoo parlor, consider getting a Guam seal tattoo on your arm or thigh.  although you might look cheesy doing this who cares right?  Wait your way to show your love for the island and the culture.  Just kidding, I probably wouldn’t do this.  Although I would get it on my arm, I don’t think I would get it on my side when it comes to talking about Guam seal tattoos.

The seal of Guam is shaped like a stone used in a sling shot at the ancient Chamorro warriors used.  They used a sling as a tool for warfare and for hunting.  So the seal is meant to stand for strength and agility.  For more information on Guam seals I highly suggest doing a search on Google, as many historians have a way better write up about it than I do.

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