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Many of you might be interested in the Guam flag, flag of Guam in that you are wondering what it looks like.  You also might be interested in what it represents.

Guam’s flag depicts a beach with a coconut tree and ancient Chamorro could do with a Lateen sail in the back.

This view can be seen from Hagatna beach, although it might look a little bit different now as this design was done almost 60 years ago.  This typical landscape scene was captured from the mouth of the Agana River.  The lonely coconut palm tree that is pictured in the seal was uprooted during a very destructive typhoon which occurred in 1918.  Ironically this coquetry was meant to stand for perseverance, courage, usefulness, and strength

The flag of Guam is a territorial flag with dark blue around in a narrow red border on all sides.  In the center is a vertical lips which contains a beach scene, an ancient Chamorro outward or could do, and a coconut tree.  The words glom are superimposed in bold letters in the middle of the design.

The seal shape is in the shape of an ancient stone which was used in slingshots by the ancient Chamorro’s during warfare and hunting episodes.

This Sling shot stone symbol on the Guam flag represents protection and endurance.

in the background of the picture you can see “two lovers point”, which is supposed to represent faithfulness to a cause that you believe in.  According to a very old legend to lovers, or for bidding to be married by the Spanish rulers because the woman was to be wed to a Spanish royal official.  The couple decided to die rather than let their love die in vain.  So they got to the point of the mountain shown, tied their hair together and plunged to their death hundreds of feet.

That outward or can you represents the ingenuity of the two moral people.  They had great nautical skills, and the  Lateen sail which powered the canoe was an engineering feat at its time which perplex the Spanish visitors upon arrival.  Amazingly, a lack team sale can be going directly towards a when source, and the wind will wrap around it and push it from behind. Flag of Guam

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