Agana Guam (Hagatna)

Agana Guam (traditionally referred to as ‘Hagatna’) is the capital village of Guam.  Although Agana is not the largest village by size or by population, it isn’t even the largest economic center for the island, it still is the political and cultural center of Guam.  Located here is the Chamorro Village, the governor’s mansion, the Bank of Guam which is the largest bank on the island, Guam’s professional baseball stadium, and the back side of naval air station again you Guam.

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The archdiocese of Agana Guam is also located in this area as the main church, the Basilica is in the heart of Guam.  Also, one of the largest shopping centers called the
Agana shopping Center Guam, is located here.

Some interesting history about the village. Dating back thousands of years Hagatna has always been the seat of government.  Its name means “blood” in which moral language.  It is so called because again you is believed to be the lifeblood of the island of Guam.

Looking over Hagatna Bay governor’s house is located the governor’s house used to be where the seat of the Spanish colonists ruled over the island.  When the Americans took over it became their residents for ruling the island, and then when the local government took over it was handed to the people of Guam.

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Located close to the governor’s house is a famous Spanish Fort called Santa Agueda, which was built in 1800s.  It was used because it was the most strategic point to look over the sex Bay.

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Also located in sacks is Guam’s unicameral legislature of senators of which there are 15.

Lastly one of the most famous statues is the statue of chief Quipuha, which is located right next to Marine Drive adjacent to the Chamorro Village.

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