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We are an unofficial Guam website, otherwise stated as a Guam website. We aim to be the main website for Guam. That being said, we'd like to be referred to as a guam website, or a website guam, or a guam web site, or a web site guam. We're not like any of the other Guam websites, or other Guam web sites. We are the largest Guam website in the world! Just to say it again, we are the larges Guam web site in the world. Guam City guide, or Guam island guide, or Guam Guide, this is what HotGuam is about., the main resource for guam website information, and other guam city island guide information. Welcome to So you are planning on traveling to the beautiful island of Guam? If you want more Guam information, on your vacation to Guam and you've come to the absolute right place to get your information on. Unfortunately, there aren't many good websites out there to get you good information for your travel to Guam. Juan has literally hundreds of hotels, thousands of restaurants, and many other thousands of tourism-focused restaurants. Although Guam gets a lot of money from the US military, and many jobs are provided on an Air Force and Navy bases. One still gets the majority of its economic sustenance from tourism. It's understandable why many Japanese and Korean and other Asian tourist want to visit this beautiful piece of the US in the middle of the Pacific. So if you're one of these people that are vacationing to Guam and you are looking for a Guam travel guide, then is the place for you. This is the exact place to get information on Guam travel, or if you are looking for a Guam guide to help you decide what to do when you get here. Millions of satisfied customers have used a for their Guam travel guide needs. It is also the number one Guam vacation guide on the Internet. Make sure to check out our thousands of listings to find out more information about Guam restaurants, or if you're just looking for Guam information in general. Because is all about Guam info, where you can find information on Guam attractions, sightseeing, tourism information, and other information that will help you with your visit to Guam. So if you are looking for more Guam info, otherwise stated as Guam information on attractions and Guam sightseeing for Guam visitors, and is the right information guide for you. Guam | z 9:25 pm | Saturday, November 1, 2008 | HotGuam | 21:12 | | 2014, April 21, Monday | guam vacation, 21:25 | Monday, April 21st, 2014 | 9:12 pm