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These Terms of Use were last updated on February 5, 2009.

By accessing and using the HotGuam web site,, and all of its subdomains, (hereby referred to as the “Web Site”), you are agreeing to be legally bound by these Terms of Use. By using the HotGuam Web Site, you represent that you are 16 years or older and agree to abide by the following Terms of Use. If any of these terms are unacceptable to you, you may not access the HotGuam Website until agreement has been reached between you and HotGuam as to the applicable terms of use. The terms “you” and “User” refer to anyone who accesses the HotGuam Web Site.

Any photos, videos, or reviews submitted by a User (you), remains the property of said User. Should the User desire to have their photos, videos, or reviews removed, a contact message is required using the standard HotGuam “Contact Us” webform. Unless a User receives a message receipt from HotGuam, the User should not consider their message as being received by HotGuam. may change these Terms of Use at any time without notice. Changes will be posted at Your use of the Web Site after any changes have been posted will constitute your agreement to the modified Terms of Use and all of the changes. Therefore, you should read these Terms of Use from time to time for changes.

You may not use the Web Site for any unlawful purpose. You shall honor all reasonable requests by HotGuam to protect HotGuam’s proprietary interests in the HotGuam website.

You (yes you) are entirely liable for activities conducted by you or anyone else in conjunction with your browsing and use of the Web Site. If you are dissatisfied with the Web Site, or its content or with these stated Terms of Use, your sole and exclusive option is to stop using the Web Site. You will not be paid any damages in connection with your browsing or use of the Web Site.

The Web Site includes HotGuam ratings and other opinions that must be construed solely as statements of opinion and should not be construed as statements of fact. The Web Site, and all the opinions contained herein, are protected under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, and we will vigorously defend the right of freedom of speech should any entity attempt to infringe upon it.


This Agreement will continue until terminated by either HotGuam or you. Either party can terminate the Agreement by notifying the other party by telephone or electronic mail of the decision to terminate.

HotGuam may discontinue or change the Web Site, or its availability to you, at any time.

This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties relating to the HotGuam Website and supersedes any and all other agreements, oral or in writing, with respect to the Web Site. The failure of HotGuam to insist upon strict compliance with any term of this Agreement shall not be construed as a waiver with regard to any subsequent failure to comply with such term or provision. This Agreement is personal to you, and you may not assign your rights or obligations to anyone. If any provision in this Agreement is invalid or unenforceable under applicable law, the remaining provisions will continue in full force and effect. This Agreement, your rights and obligations, and all actions contemplated by this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the United States of America, as if the Agreement was a contract wholly entered into and wholly performed within the United States of America. All rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.

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