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 Take a break from the city life and travel to paradise.  Guam hotels offer you a wide variety of things to do. Let the hotel plan your whole itinerary for you and just sit back and relax. Sight-see and explore the island.

See what Guam hotel rates are best for you and your family before arriving to the island. You need not worry too much about cost, as the ample supply of accomodation on-island ensures very competitive pricing for lodging. In fact, most tourists are amazed by the amount of luxury that they receive for the price paid. Although room prices may not be as low as Vegas, they are definitely a bargain compared to most other cities in the US.

Quick List:

* Palace Hotel Guam
* Marriot Guam
* Hotel Nikko Guam
* Grand Plaza hotel Guam

Fiesta hotel Guam is described just as it’s called. Fiesta as in party the island way! This hotel offers many things for the traveler looking for a great time. Whether it be up-scale shopping, dining, or a world-class Haagen-Dasz ice creamery, the Fiesta goes to great lengths to make sure you are having a ‘party’ while on island. You get more than just lodging with this choice.

If you want something closer to more of the popular dinning restaurants then maybe the Guam Reef hotel is the ideal location for your hotel. It sits across Mc Donald’s, TGIF and Planet Hollywood. Because of its location at the center of the Tumon strip, this accommodation is recommended for people that want to be in the center of all the action.

* Guam Hotel Okura
* Guam Plaza Hotel
* Hotel Santa Fe Guam

For more upscale type of luxury, try a stay at the Hyatt Hotel Guam. This is not your typical lodging! It’s also a resort, so you don’t ever have to leave your hotel. They’ve got a dance club, a nice lounge bar, a lavish buffet of international cuisine, a tropical-styled pool that makes you feel as though you’re swimming in an exotic river complete with waterfalls. They also have many activities for you and you’re children on the beach.

* Outrigger Hotels Guam
* Royal Orchid Hotel Guam
* Cliff Hotel Guam

There are many different types of accommodation all over the island, many of which are centralized in the Tumon, Tamuning area, with a few in Agana as well. Because the island is so small it really doesn’t matter where you stay, as almost every metropolitan destination is within a 10-minute drive. I highly recommend Tumon area lodging/accomodation because of its amazing food & entertainment district.

* Garden Villa Hotels Guam
* Ohana Hotel Guam
* Onward Hotel Guam

They range from up-scale resort types, to the traveler on a budget. For the traveler on the budget I’d recommend the Guam Airport hotel. It’s only minutes away from the hotel and it’s very affordable. If you decide to stay here, this hotel is an apartment styled place and even has a pool.

Take a break a enjoy the many types of Guam hotels around the island. You will be glad you did. Remember looking for accomodation is easy, as long as you know how you want to spend your vacation. Enjoy your stay!

Here’s a complete list that you can also find on our Guam hotel map:

* Outrigger Hotel in Guam
* Imperial Suites Hotels Guam
* Holiday Plaza Hotel Guam

I leave you with these quick-tips to help you make your decision:

* Prices range from $80 – $200 on average,
* Decide whether you want up-scale or budget
* Decide whether you want to be next to the beach
* Determine if a resort-type is more to your liking
* The best place to stay is the Tumon area, followed by the Tamuning area.
* Most offer free shuttle services (schedule in advance).
* Don’t worry about location too much. Guam’s metropolitan areas are very close to each other so it really doesn’t matter which Guam hotel shuttle you choose.

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