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This article is the first part of getting to know the villages in Guam.  Remember that in Guam we refer to most of the different regions by the term village.One of the largest villages in Guam is the village Tamuning Guam 96911.  It is located on the western side of the island of Guam.  It is also the economic business center of the island.  Although I got you is the capital, a most commerce and businesses takes place in the village of tuning.Tamuning is also home to the Antonio B. Won Pat international Airport, which provides service for the entire island to all over the world.  There are also many high schools middle schools elementary schools and on other educational institutions that are located in tuning.  The approximate population up to morning is 20,000 residents.

Like other cities in the United States each village has its own mayor.  The mayor is responsible to the governor and to the residents of the village for taking care of the village of  Tamuning Guam 96913.  This is a daunting job in Pete as there are many infrastructural parts businesses Parks recreation areas and other concerns that must be taken care of by the mayoral candidate.

One of the nice things of living into morning is that it is right next to the shoreline area overlooking 21.  Because of this the weather is always a little bit cooler because of the nice breeze coming in from the ocean the average temperature intuiting is about 87.8°F the average humidity is about 66%.  The average wind speed is 10 mph moving east, with a high wind usually of about 20 mph.  It has a yearly rainfall of about 130 inches, and the solar radiation measurement is about 1127.  Tamuning Guam zip code.

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