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If you are searching for a Guam phone book, sorry but this is in the right place.

the Guam telephone book, can be found at another website which you can find by doing a Google search.  Instead, here I am going to talk about a phone book for Guam which is not related to that site.  His column

I often wish that there was an easier way to use the phone book because the one available on that website is so hard to search.  I think that if the companies getting paid that much to provide services to such a large island population in so many businesses, they need to do a better job of helping us find exactly what we need.

This is why I started hot because I wanted to help the local city citizens find exactly what they need.  Unfortunately, the Guam telephone book does not do this.  They created a website to look exactly like the book, and although there are some hyperlinks to outside sites there isn’t near enough interactivity on a website basis.

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